Species: Homarus americanus
North Nova Seafoods Lobsters

North Nova Seafoods Limited acquires live Lobsters year-round from both Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island fishers.


The Lobsters are processed at our plant, and the full line of frozen tails and other meat products is packaged and sold nationally and internationally under the North Nova Seafoods brand name, or we will custom pack to please our customers.

Not only is Lobster succulent, this delicacy is good for you. Lobster is an excellent source of lean protein and contains Omega-3 fatty acids, which are associated with good heart-health.

Product of Canada • Wild caught • 100% natural • Live or Fresh Frozen • Box-packed

Sales & Purchasing

North Nova Seafoods Limited is committed to providing our customers with the utmost in service, quality and customer satisfaction.


Quality Assurance

At North Nova Seafoods Limited we continually upgrade our quality-assurance and food-safety programs. Our customers can be guaranteed that their fish is healthful and safe to eat.



North Nova Seafoods encourages responsible fishing practices and supports initiatives toward sound management of our resources now and into the future.