Rock Crab

Species: Cancer irroratus
North Nova Seafoods Rock Crab

Rock Crabs are processed at North Nova Seafoods Limited into a variety of products including salad meat, leg meat, combo meat and clusters.


These are packaged and sold nationally and internationally under the North Nova Seafoods brand name, or we will custom pack to please our customers.

Delicious Rock Crab is an excellent source of chromium and selenium and provides several other minerals important for good health. It is high in protein and vitamins, especially B12, and very low in fat.

Product of Canada • Wild caught • 100% natural • Live or Fresh Frozen • Box-packed

Sales & Purchasing

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Quality Assurance

At North Nova Seafoods Limited we continually upgrade our quality-assurance and food-safety programs. Our customers can be guaranteed that their fish is healthful and safe to eat.



North Nova Seafoods encourages responsible fishing practices and supports initiatives toward sound management of our resources now and into the future.